Route "Satisfy the merit of the holy city of "Bang Nara"

Day 1 Muang Narathiwat - Tak Bai

Thaksin Ming Mongkol Buddha located on Narathiwat - Lam-Phu Ra-ngae Road. There is approximately 142 acres. It is away 9 kilometers from downtown Narathiwat. It is was built on June 22, 1966. Buddha image is seated in the posture of blessing. It is beautiful and largestin the South.


Wat Cholthara Singhe located in Moo3, Tambon Chehe. It is the center of the Buddhist faith in Thailand who living in Tak Bai district, neighboring districts and Thai people who living in Malaysia. It was built in the reign of King Mongkut. At that time, Tak Bai was stiii the land of Kelantan. Phra Kru Opas Phra Puddhakun(Pud) who established this temple. Inside ubosoth is a mural painting which was written by a skilled Songkhla monk. Threre are also many porcelains from the Song dynasty period and the Reclining Buddha. Chontharasinghe temple also has a national hisorical significance. Due to this temple is a historic which Thai government has put forward as the refernce to demarcate the border in 1898.


Ko Yao (Long Island) located in Moo 8, Ban Kho-Yoa, Tambon Chehe. It is a long sandy ground beach. a part of the island is connecting with Golf of Thailand. The special things of Kho-Yoa island a long 9 kilometers sandy beach and the crystal clear blue sea. Now, there is repairable landscaped beatifully than ever to a tourist attraction and it is open market to generate revenue for the Tak-Bai community.


Day 2 - Su-Ngai Kolok 

Chao Mae To-Mo Shrine located on Soi Phutorn, Jareankret Road. To-Mo goddess is originally located on Ban To-Mo, Sukhirin district. Later, the villagers wrer invited to Su-Ngai Kplok district. She was honored by to the viagers who live in Su-Ngai Kplok district and the neighboring provinces, including the Chinese in Malaysia. Every year, there is the annual festival at the shrine.


Kolok Tep Vimol Temple Or people called Wat Tan Eaed. The temple is located in the municipality of Su Ngai Kolok. The temple was approved on April 23, 1957 by His Royal Highness Prince Satoro as the first Abbot. And death on March 8, 1991, aged 95 years, your body hard rock. The temple also has a Thai massage center. Child Development Center And set up the Shin Ban Chon publish.


Day 3 - Bacho to Muang Narathiwat

Cheng Kao Temple (Luang Po Daeng) is the holy temple whrer is the faith of the people in Bacho. It isbeautiful old and quiet temple. It ia located in Ban Cheng Kao. There is vihara of "Lung Po Daeng Dhamachayo" the former pastor of this temple. He passes away by Aging and Geriatrics on Jany\uary 1, 1979 at the age of 90 years. And his body is incorruptible and turned to stone. People believe that Luang Po Daeng Dhamachayo is sacred so they stored him in glass coffin to worrship.


Mong Kon Phipit Mountain or Malay called "Ba Tu to Ko" located at 33 Phipitkiri Rd., Tambon Bangkok, Mueang district, Narathiwat. Ti is a low hill in Bangnara temple, which is bigger rocks stacked. Chinese Teochew Association has requested construction. "Gew Leng Gi Shrine" is on the front foothills. Mr.Epo Saetung has built up the hillside stairs to the building and many others as an anchor of the the mind of people in Narathiwat come together until now.

Lord Ganesh Stucco sculptures lap width of 16 meters, 7 meters high with four hands and sat characteristics idol crown. It is decorative colored glass mosaic. The trunk indented to the right and to  the left for the circulation. A serpent cobra hood spread underneath the left breast adorned with natural stone . On the upper right hand holding lotus and on the lower right hand indication of blessing. The upper left hand holds an ax and the lower left hand held bowl of modal. Lord Ganesh wear traditional Indian style and use of body jewelry in Thai. In addition, the temple has a temple of Hanuman and Sai Baba. People in the area have a sense that devotion to the prosperity of the mind life.

The Jatuakarmramathep's Foundtion and the City Pillar Shrine of Narathiwat located on Norasuk Anusorn road, Narathiwat municipal. Pudjatham's members and the believes have jointly altogether build a shrine in Narathiwat for worship and pray as trust in their minds.




Point 1
Narathiwat, Mueang Narathiwat
Point 3
Narathiwat, Tak Bai
Point 4
Point 5
Narathiwat, Mueang Narathiwat
1. Buddha Park Khao Kong
Narathiwat, Mueang Narathiwat
3. Koh Yao
Narathiwat, Tak Bai
5. Khao Mongkol Pipit
Narathiwat, Mueang Narathiwat