Erawan Waterfall (Erawan National Park)

Data Source : Erawan Waterfall (Erawan National Park)
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Erawan Waterfall (Erawan National Park)
It is a famous, large and beautiful waterfall located in Erawan National Park. Its upstream is from Huay Mong Lai flowing down from the top of the mountain and the high cliff. The waterfall is divided into 7 levels; each level has a basin allowing visitors to swim.
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Erawan Waterfall is another famous waterfall in Karnchanaburi, located on the banks of the Kwae Yai River, with the distance of 1,500 meters. Originally, it was called. "Sadong Mongolia Waterfall" after the name of Huay Monglai, which is upstream of this waterfall. However, as the 7th level of this waterfall looks like 3-head Erawan, it became the source of the name “Erawan Waterfall”, which is well known to the public. Erawan Waterfall consists of on7 levels with the consonant names as follows: The 1st level, Lai Kuen Rang, is a small cascade that is suitable for relaxing. The 2nd level, Wang Matcha, is suitable for swimming as there are basins with Mahseer barbs. The 3rd level, Pha Nam Tok, is a cascade with streams falling from a high level, allowing visitors to play in the water. The 4th level, Ok Phisua, is a cascade where visitors can play a slider down the basin below. It is ideal for travelers who like excitement. The 5th level, Bue Mai Long, provides the wide area where you can play in the water. The 6th level, Dong Phruek Sa, is surrounded by abundant trees. The 7th level, Phu Pha Erawan, is the last one, which is very beautiful with the reflection of emerald green water looking like a swimming pool. There are Mahseer barbs (freshwater fish in the Cyprinidae family with brown and green skin, with 2 pairs of tentacles. They usually live in waterfalls, streams, canals, or clear water sources) living and swimming on each level, especially on the level of Wang Matcha. Each level of Erawan Waterfall has basins allowing visitors to play in the water and there is also an Erawan nature trail with the distance of about 1,060 meters. It takes about 30 minutes to walk through the evergreen forest along with the viewpoints and beautiful deciduous forest. You will get the knowledge and enjoy the beauty of nature.
The terrain a steep mountain area with a flatland. - It is 65-996 meters above the sea level; the highest one is at Erawan National Park whereas the lowest one is at Khao Krau Krae - Recreation activities - Nature trails, bird watching, cycling, cave tours, - A limestone waterfall about 1,500 meters length, divided into 7 levels.
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