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Phu Mano Rom
Wat Pho Ngorom or Wat Pho Pho Pho Pho About 5 km from Mukdahan, about 100 rai in the area of Mukdahan National Park.The mountain is not very high. There are many rare species of plants, such as the Chang Nao , the flower of the province, and also the location of the temple.An old temple Overlooking Mukdahan, Mekong River and Savannakhet, Lao PDR.The temple has a replica footprint. Made of sandstone 80 cm wide and 1.8 m long.Mukdahan is still in the process of constructing the Buddha image in honor of His Majesty King Rama IX on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of the 7th Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on December 5, 2011. It is 39.99 meters in lap and 59.99 meters in height. The 84-meter head was supported by a government budget of 75 million baht and a sum of money from the Buddhists. one
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Founding Wat Phu Mano Rom, from the proof of the stone is said that the people of Khun Sala and the monk Bu Nantawaro, the abbot of Wat Manophirom, Ban Chanod and the creator of the temple is a creator and a place for the Buddhist monks. And the moral of the monk. It has created one octagonal relics. Make a hundred Buddha footprint. And the Phen building. The Buddha is a small one. And build a parson for another monk. Ancient monuments and antiques in the temple monument Phu Phrao. - Phra That Phanomnoen It is an octagonal with a waist as a base of octagonal radius of about 2.5 m in shape, divided into three parts is a rational nature. The first meaning is hell. The second is the landscape, which is very. And lastly, it is a heavenly landscape with a height of 4.5 meters. - Phra Phen A small Buddha image with the Buddha. To complete the relics. Buddha and the feet of the Creator. - Record a measurement of a plate attached to the back of the statue. - The Buddha Footprint Is a small footprint. The sandstone is 80 cm wide and 1.8 meters long. It is made up of 90 cm. And now Mukdahan province has built Pra Buddharupcharlermprakiat "Pra Yai Kaew Mud Da Sri Tri Rat" on the occasion of His Majesty the King's birthday on December 5, 2011, Total construction budget of over 100 million. Wat Phu Mano Rom is another place to relax. Should visit. If you visit Mukdahan. Because it is a religious place. It is a beautiful place, both natural. And from the construction of the province of Mukdahan. It is a place to relax.From here you can admire the view of Mukdahan, the Mekong River Glass Tower and the bridge over the Mekong River 2 and Savannakhet. And the provincial administration has improved the route and the parking lot. Hall of view around the visitors ...
- Buddha Image is enshrined on the top. - Waterfall - At the viewpoint, there are 3D images to tourists.
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Si Bunrueang Mueang Mukdahan Mukdahan 49000
Na Si Nuan Mueang Mukdahan Mukdahan 49000
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