Khao Sam Muk

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Khao Sam Muk
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Khao Sam Muk, the symbol in the provincial seal of Chon Buri Province, is a low hill that is located in the middle between Ban Ang Sila and Bang Saen Beach. The Shrine of Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk is located at the foot of the hill, which is a place of worship for general people. There are many wild monkeys around Khao Sam Muk. If you drive up the hill, you will see a beautiful view of Bang Saen Sea.
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Khao Sam Muk, or what was previously called Som Muk, is located next to Bang Saen Beach. The Shrine of Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk on Khao Sam Mul is a place of worship for people around the area and general people. As for the name, it is assumed that it comes from 2 reasons: The first reason is from the characteristic of the mountain which has a point that pokes out into the sea and is shaped like a triangle, hence the name Khao Sam Muk. The second reason is from the legend that there was a beautiful woman named Sam Muk, a villager of Mueang Bang Pla Soi. She was an orphan since she was little, lived with her grandmother in a hut that was built at the cliff by the sea. She was a beautiful woman and lived life in solitude and did not socialize much. There was a man named Saen, the son of Kamnan Bai who was a millionaire from Ang Hin Village or Ang Sila near the mountain. Saen liked to play with a kite with heart and soul. One day, his kite was torn and floated to the hut of Sam Muk. She kept the man’s kite. When Saen followed the kite, he met Sam Muk. He was stunned to see the woman. He never thought that he would see a beautiful woman in a remote community like this. Saen wanted to meet Sam Muk, so he asked to see Sam Muk again. Finally, Sam Muk became soft-hearted and allowed Saen to come to the house. They saw each other almost every day. With an intimate relationship, they fell in love with each other. The young man swore to the woman of his forever love to her that no one could take away his love. One day, Saen gave his ring to Sam Muk as verification that he would love Sam Muk until death. Not long after that, Kamnan Bai, Saen’s father knew about his and felt very angry. He was not satisfied to know that Sam Muk was poor. Kamnan gave the final word for Saen to marry with Mali, a millionaire’s daughter of Ban Ang Sila immediately. Saen never had a chance to tell this news to Sam Muk. On the wedding day of Saen and Mali, while Saen was receiving the blessed water, he was stupefied because Sam Muk was standing in front of him with her eyes full of grief. She held the conch shell in her hand and poured the water on to the young man’s hands with her shaking hands. She removed the ring and gave it back into Saen’s hand. The woman turned back quickly. Sam Muk ran to her hut, crying all the way home. She thought about Saen’s vow to her, which shattered her. The woman paced slowly to the cliff by the sea, eyes staring ahead. Then, she decided to jump off the cliff. After that, Saen decided to jump off the cliff and died with Sam Muk along with the vow that he had given to his love. Later, villagers built the Shrine of Chao Mae Sam Muk at the cliff where Sam Muk and Saen had jumped off as a memorial of their love and named this hill Khao Sam Muk until today.
- Worship the large Phra Mae Kuan Im - Viewpoint - Monkey
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