Pattaya Sheep Farm

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Pattaya Sheep Farm
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The largest sheep farm in Pattaya with the area more than 100 rai of land, all family members can stay in the whole day. We have set up various travel zones in the PATTAYA SHEEP FARM park to meet family travel needs or the holiday time of all ages, whether parents or children, or close friends, come together and take photos. A part from sheep on our farm, there are many other cute animals. You can walk, learn, feed and closely touch them.
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Pattaya Sheep Farm Opened on June 8, 2013, is the newest Sheep Farm. In order to fit in with the baby sheep stream fever. Whether it's a sheep farm at Suan Phueng, Khao Yai, Wang Nam Khiao, or at Cha-am. Pattaya sheep farm is another ideal place for people who like to take a photo. The sheep farm has a beautiful photo shooting throughout the farm. Besides, there is also a restaurant "Ban steak" and a cute lamb statue for tourists to take a photograph as a souvenir. Entrance Fee is 50 baht for adult and can bring tickets to grass exchange for feeding sheep. Children height at or below 110 cm are free entry.
In the sheep farm, there is a "Ban Steak" restaurant. The sheep farm is spacious which a lot of lovely angle to take pictures. Most prominent is a giant windmill. There are cute sheep statue and live sheep grazing grass walking outside. There are lots of area to sit for photo taking.
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Nong Pla Lai Bang Lamung Chon Buri 20150
Nong Pla Lai Bang Lamung Chon Buri 20150
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081 - 1549437 , 092 - 3216718
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