Bhumibol Dam

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Bhumibol Dam
Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Bhumibol Dam is also known as Yanhee Dam, the first multi-purpose dam in Thailand. The largest concrete curved dam in Thailand.
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Bhumibol Dam is a curved concrete dam and the first multi-purpose dam in Thailand. Formerly known as Yanhee Dam. On 25 July 1957, His Majesty the King gave his name as ฺBhumibol Dam. The only concrete curb in Thailand and Southeast Asia. It is the eighth largest in the world, blocking the Ping River at Khao Kaeo, Sam Ngao District, Tak Province. The reservoir can accommodate up to 13,462 million cubic meters. His Majesty the King paid a visit to the construction site on June 24, 1961. The first phase consisted of dam construction, transmission system and power plant building. 70,000 kilowatts was able to supply electricity on 17 May and 15 June 1964, respectively. The dam was opened on 17 May 1964. Later, it was equipped with a 3-6 power generating capacity of 70,000 kilowatts and a 7 kilowatt-hour power generating capacity of 115,000 kilowatts. On 11 May, 9 August 1967, 25 October, 19 August 1969 and 18 October 1982, respectively, to extend the life of the machine. In November 1992 and November 1993 respectively, the improvement of machine 3-4 was improved. In addition, in 1991, EGAT installed the 8-cylinder generator with a capacity of 171,000 liters. Kilowatt and Lower Mae Ping Dam Construction Electricity was supplied to the system in January 1996, resulting in a hydroelectric power plant. Bhumibol Dam has a total installed capacity of 779.2 megawatts on May 17, 2002. It can provide 10 million rai per year of irrigation water to the reservoir. 13,462 million cubic meters About 300 square kilometers of water surface. The length of the river from the dam to Hod district. In addition to the benefits of electricity and irrigation in Chiang Mai. Bhumibol Dam is also a source of recreation and freshwater fish breeding.
Hydroelectric power generation according to the needs of the power system control center. In accordance with the drainage plan of the Royal Irrigation Department. To be effective and performance.
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Sam Ngao Sam Ngao Tak 63130
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