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Ban Bang Phlap Community
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The community practices the career of integrated farming by doing the farming with the ridging method and using the tide system, such as growing Khao Yai pomelo, Khom Lam Chiak Lychee, young coconut, banana, mango, coconut sugar, and non-chemical traditional and natural agriculture for the safety of both producers and consumers in a good environment. It has been sustainable agriculture, adhering to sufficiency economy according to the royal remarks of King Rama 9 for so long until it has been selected from the Ministry of Interior to be an outstanding sufficiency economy village, an outstanding self-reliant prototype community, an outstanding green and strength community, and it has received the award in Thai tourism industry from the Tourism Authority of Thailand for 5 consecutive years.
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Ban Bang Phlap Community is 1 of the 8 villages of Bang Phrom sub-district, which derived from the word “Bang,” which means residence and “Phrom,” which means fertile area. It is appropriate for agriculture. Bang Phrom Community is considered to be the town of 3 types of water with abundant natural resources. It is a sandy loam land with the fertility of water source and soil that is full of minerals that are good for plants. Ban Bang Phalp is a simple community. Most villagers grow fruits, such as Khao Yai pomelo, roseapple, lychee, mango, fragrant coconut as well as other seasonal fruits. Moreover, Ban Bang Phalp Community is a part of fruits road of Samut Songkhram province. You can see the lychee grove in the project. Most villagers do non-chemical farming, using manure and compost fertilizers to reduce the cost of production. At present, the villagers have gathered together to operate the tourism activities in the form of agriculture conservation tourism to provide the opportunity for tourists to experience the lifestyle of gardeners and the philosophy of having a sufficient life. Tourists can learn how to grow non-toxic pomelo, how to make bio-fertilizer, preserved vegetables/fruits, and see and taste fresh fruits from the garden. Moreover, the community has gathered the knowledge and wisdom and established the learning center of Samut Songkhram local wisdom school to propagate the knowledge to the interested people with Khru Somsong Saengtawan, the agricultural Thai wisdom teacher as the leader to provide the knowledge to the interested people and is the prototype in living according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy.
Ban Bang Phlap Community has a lifestyle that emphasizes conservation agriculture. Mostly, human labor is used with the natural fertilizers and non-chemical. The products emphasize quality, morals, and benefits. There is a learning center of Samut Songkhram local wisdom school for interested people to study.
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Samut Songkhram NULL
Bang Phrom Bang Khonthi Samut Songkhram 75120
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081 274 4433 , 034 761 985
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