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Wat Pho Chai, Nong Khai Province
Nai Mueang Mueang Nong Khai Nong Khai 43000
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Songkran Festival is a tradition that has been inherited for a long time and well-known to both Thai and foreign tourists. Each area will have several activities whether it is offering food to monks, sprinkling water onto a Buddha image, pouring water on the hands of elders, building sand castles or taking sand to the temple. Alternatively, foam party, human wave, splashing water on boat rides are held with lots of fun but they still keep the beautiful tradition. However, another important tradition for Buddhists in Nong Khai Province is Hae Phra Rop Mueang (Buddha Image Street Procession Festival) by inviting Luang Pho Pra Sai, the respectable sacred Buddha image of Nong Khai to the procession around the city. This is to allow people to closely sprinkle water onto the Buddha image. It is water play that conserves the Isan culture reflecting that the lifestyles of Nong Khai people are so connected to Buddhism that the link cannot be broken. It is held on 13th-15th April of every year. Each year, the participants from Nong Khai and the Mekong River as well as tourists flow in to vigoriously join the procession.
Luang Pho Pra Sai is enshrined in the ordination hall of Wat Pho Chai which is located on Prachaksinlapakhom Road, Nai Mueang District, Nong Khai Province. It is about 2 kilometers away from the city of Nong Khai. Go along Highway No. 212, the route to Phon Phisai District. The temple will be on the left.
Originally, this temple was a deserted temple called Wat Phi Phio as it used to be a crematory and there are many stories saying that ghosts in this place are very scary. Later in the Rattanakosin period, the temple was renamed as Wat Pho Chai. It is home to Luang Pho Pra Sai, the mediation Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara casted from Thong Sisuk (bronze). It has fine Budda Characteristics. According to the latest myth, it was built by the three daughters of Phra Chaiyachetthathirat, the king of Lan Chang Kingdom. The Buddha images were named after their names; Phra Suk for the eldest daughter, Phra Soem for the middle daughter and Phra Sai for the youngest daughter with consectutive sizes. The 3 Buddha images were formerly enshrined in Vientiane. Later, in the reign of King Nangklao, His Majesty assigned Somdet Phra Bawonratchao Maha Sakdiphonlasep to bring the army to subdue Chao Anouvong Rebels in Vientaine. The Buddha images were then invited onto firmly-tied bamboo raft along the stream. While reaching Ban Woen Thaen, there was a storm. The surprisingly strong wind broke the raft and Phra Suk drowned in the water. The villagers then called the area “Woen Suk” and Phra Soem and Phra Sai were invited to be enshrined in Nong Khai. Later in the reign of King Mongkut, His Majesty was pleased to invite Phra Soem and Phra Sai to Bangkok. Nontheless, while Phra Sai was invited onto the cart to Wat Pho Chai, a miracle caused the cart to break down. They were unable to transfer Phra Sai. Only Phra Soem arrived in Bangkok. Luang Pho Pra Sai was placed at Wat Pho Chai in Nong Khai Province until present. They villagers also call it “Luang Pho Kwian Hak” (the Buddha image of broken cart).
Additonally, the ordination hall has exquisite murals depicting the life of the Buddha inside and its front enshrines the beautiful ancient Lao stupa.
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