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Tham Daowadeung
Sai Yok Sai Yok Kanchanaburi 71150
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It is located on the bank of the Kwai Noi River. Inside the cave, there are stalagmites and stalactites shaped like a chandelier, a stupa, a pagoda, and great cloth. The inside is quite serene but completely dark; therefore, a lamp and a tour guide are needed.
Stalactites and stalagmites, bats, and cave animals
There are no lights inside the cave. The light from the battery and a professional guide are needed. Along the way to the cave, young visitors climbed the small hills with staff caring few tools, they went ahead of the guide because he forgot some stuff. The path was quite clear and visible, but their physical strength was not really sufficient. They got tired after a short walk. That was a bit embarrassing. The guide said that in some cases, he has to climb the hills several times a day. The distance was estimated about 500 to 800 meters (500 meters from the parking lot above, but it is available for only 5 cars while the height is unknown. At the cave entrance, we took a rest and breathed some oxygen, then we went ahead. The cave entrance was not large, but it was pretty humid with the wind. When we walked down from the cave entrance with lights and the guide, the guide flashed the light to see mountain toads which were very rare. He touched them and said that their skin was not poisonous. They had lived in this cave for a long time. Most of the visitors will not be disappointed because the toads usually stay in the same place that are found regularly. However, seeing the guide touching the toad, we observed that the size of it was quite same as a palm of a grown man. We we walked further, we also saw few small toads (as seen) at each corner. Inside the cave, the guide took us through the cave rooms with a unique style, such as Komraya, Chedi Prangsamyod, Manphra, etc. Some photos could not be taken as it was too dark. However, the beauty of the cave made our tiredness disappeared. If you want to visit the whole cave, you should have a lot of time. When we went down the hills, it was much less tiring.
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