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Dong Lakhon Ancient City
Dong Lakhon Mueang Nakhon Nayok Nakhon Nayok 26000
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Dong Lakhon Ancient City is an ancient city in the Thawarawadi era. It is located in Dong Lakhon district, which is about 9 kilometers away from Nakhon Nayok province along the National Highway No. 3076, turn right and continue for 6 kilometers, pass Wat Chedi Thong and turn to the same direction as Wat Dong Lakhon. The highest spot of the city is on the eastern mound, which is higher than sea level of 34 meters.
- Ancient archaeology
- Complicated forest condition
- The previous name of Lap Lae, Dong Lakhon Mound, or Dong Yai has an area of 6 square kilometers. Inside, there was the ancient city or Dong Lek which is shaped like an egg, located slightly to the west of the mound. There were ridges like double walls that the villagers called “San Khu Mueang” which was surrounded by ditches just like common ancient cities in the Thawarawadi era.
Dong Lakhon Ancient City was previously called “Mueang Lap Lae.” It was the location of the ancient city in the Thawarawadi and Khmer era. Inside the city was assumed to be the living place of the ruling class. People settled their homes in the lowland around the city. The prosperity was divided into 2 phases; The first phase began in the 14th-16th Buddist Era, which was the Thawarawadi culture; the 2nd phase in the 17th-19th Buddhist Era which were Khmer culture and the pre-Ayutthaya culture. In the 19th Buddhist Era, it was assumed that villagers of Dong Lakhon may migrate to settle along the main stream in Nakhon Nayok province and expected that there might be an important relationship to Mueang Si Mahosot in Prachinburi province since both cities are only 55 kilometers way. They discovered antiquities which were the remnants of pottery, blue porcelain, glass bead, stone bead, hardened clay chip, lead plate, gold plate, and the head of gold-plated Buddha image, etc. According to the legend, Dong Lakhon used to be the city of the Queen of Khmer. It was a private place and there were tall trees scattered around the city. If outsiders entered, they could not find the way out and went around in circles. In shaving day and Buddhist holy day, the sound of four-stringed lute, fiddle lute could be heard and the lull of Thai orchestra played in the palace. Therefore, it is called “Dong Lakhon” or in other words a distortion from “Dong Nakhon.”
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Dong Lakhon Mueang Nakhon Nayok Nakhon Nayok 26000


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