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Talad Khlong Suan 100 Years
Theppharat Ban Pho Chachoengsao 24140
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It is located in Theppharat Sub-District, Ban Pho District, Chachoengsao Province and Khlong Suan Municipality District, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province. It is a large community. In the past, Khlong Suan was a watercourse from Bangkok to Tha Chua Watergate, Chachoengsao Province, which flowed through Talad Khlong Suan into Wang Sa Pathum Watergate, Bangkok. From the past to the present, the lifestyle of Khlong Suan people is a blended culture of Thai-Chinese, Thai-Muslim, and Thai-Buddhist which live happily together. Tourists will admire the atmosphere of the contemporary lifestyle for 100 years. Taste the delicious food, desserts, and Thai traditional coffee.
The uniqueness of Talad Khlong Suan is the center of people from different nationalities, cultures, and religions, which are Buddhist, Chinese, and Islam who live together peacefully from the past until the present. Moreover, there is the ancient wooden row house that is the identity of Talad Khlong Suan.
Talad Khlong Suan 100 Years is located at the riverbank of Khlong Prawet Burirom in 2 provincial areas, which are Thepparat Sub-District, Ban Pho District, Chachoengsao Province and Khlong Suan Sub-District, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province. Talad Khlong Suan is an ancient market since the period of King Rama V. If travelling back into the past, boat transportation is the most convenient and fastest. If travelling from Chachoengsao to Bangkok, only the white boat of Mr. Loet will pick the passengers up at Tha Thua Watergate (Chachoengsao), go through Talad Khlong Suan, and enter the Bangkok Watergate (Wang Sa Pathum). In the past, Talad Khlong Suan was a rest area and community center, a products exchange point, and the most important and convenient transportation route. If there is charity work, such as digging the canal or making the road, everyone will collaborate to develop the public utility together. The meeting point was the coffee shop. People with different religions can enter this meeting point to exchange ideas, experiences of living or talk about politics. Therefore, the coffee shop is like a drug that brings the people in the community to meet together every morning indispensably. Though, at present, the coffee shop is still a meeting point of the community, Talad Khlong Suan was constructed in the year 1901 by the name of Talad Sam Phi Nong. The market is a single storey wooden building, using “Lao Cha-On” wood as the columns. Later in the year 1934, it was changed into a double storey wooden building near the river and there is the provincial borderline around the corner of the market. The important canals are Khlong Prawet Burirom and Khlong Phaya Nakkharat with many boats travelling in and out. Therefore, the name of this market until the present is “Talad Khlong Suan,” the center of trading and exchanging the products. Also, it is the center of people whether they are Chinese, Buddhist, and Islam, which live together peacefully. At present, this market is one of the popular tourist attractions. Therefore, people accumulate and set up the market community under the supervision of Theppharat Municipality.
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