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Wat Pa Pradu, Rayong Province
Tha Pradu Mueang Rayong Rayong 21000
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Talking about unsual, Thailand is another country with many strange things. Temples are other places where strange things can happen. That strangeness usually often amazes the locals and visitors as well as builds significant faith.
Wat Pa Pradu in Rayong Province, the old temple built in the Ayutthaya period, is a temple that has held the hearts of the people in Pa Pradu Sub-District for ages. There are many interesting stories and histories including things that are considered weird and intriguing. They build great faith for the visitors.
Wat Pa Pradu is presumed to be built in the Ayutthaya period. A monk pilgrimaged to stay at this deserted temple and discovered that the temple had the remains of an ordination hall and the reclining Buddha image. He then dwelled and practiced medication at this temple. Over time, the villagers became faithful, built a monk residence and continually restored this temple. The temple name was changed to Wat Pa Pradu to relate to the temple’s location which is Pa Pradu Sub-District. The wonder in Wat Pa Pradu is the Buddha image in the vihara. Generally, the reclining Buddha image is in the posture of lying on the right side with right hand supporting head but the reclining Buddha image in this vihara lays on the left side with left hand supporting head. It brings up a great surprise to locals and the visitors. Nevertheless, the assumption suggests that it was built regarding the biography of Lord Buddha i.e., when Lord Buddha performed the Twin Miracle to the heretics having Phra Phutthanimit in the same posture with Lord Buddha in pairs. At the reclining motion, they then turned face to face which depicted lying on the left and right side in a W shape. As a result, the villagers and the visitors had faith in it. We can say that it is the temple’s tourist attraction.
Moreover, Wat Pa Pradu was promoted to be a royal monastery and respectable temple of Rayong Province residents for a long time. Each year, there is a big celebration which falls on the Chinese New Year Festival. Nowadays, there are a vast number of visitors who come to pray for blessings and auspiciousness and view the novel left-reclining Buddha image in the temple. If you would like to visit Pa Pradu, you can take Sukhumvit Road to downtown Rayong which is close to Rayong Hospital and Wat Pa Pradu School.
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Tha Pradu Mueang Rayong Rayong 21000
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