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Khiri Wong Kot Village
Na Yung Na Yung Udon Thani 41000
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ls located in Amphoe Na Yung, the it connects district of Udon Thani province, To the west, to the east with Amphoe Pak Som, Loei province and orders on Amphoe Sangkhom, Nong Khai of s Village is surrounded by the green mountains the Na Yung Nam som National Park and is the origin of Namtok Huai Phang, the lifeline for the village to conduct agriculture. Muban Khiri Wongkot became an ecotourism village to welcome tourists through the community members cooperating together to provide tourism services. Within the community, there are homestays and camping to select from. There are also tour services to attractions in the village by mountain bicycle. The villagers still do agriculture in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy way and lead a simple life, as well as welcome visitors in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Homestay and resort service are available. Tourist will be appreciated with the nature surrounded by the greenish mountain range and the wonderful morning mist. Taking a tour with the racing to enjoy the nature and lifestyle of the farmers and hill tribes, to visit Huay Khang Pray Waterfall and have lunch in the jungle, as well as to take photo from the viewpoint on the top of the mountain along the Khong River.
Besides, Nayung Coffee Community Enterprise promotes Arabica and cold weather plant-growing to the agriculturist in A. Nayung. The coffee factory produces Arabica and Robusta coffee under the brand “Nayung’s Coffee”, the OTOP product of Udon Thani. Further, it is the learning center where the organizations, educational institutions, and general people visit and learn about Nayung coffee growing and production. At “Strawberry and Nayung Coffee Festival” in February, many activities are organized to promote tourism in Nayung. Fruits, coffee, and OTOP products are also available for tourist.
Khiri Wong Kot Village is the ecotourism village managed by the community members. Tourist has a choice to stay either with the host or in the tent. Community members earn their living from agriculture based on sufficiency economy philosophy and live with simple lifestyle. They welcome visitors with warm and friendly atmosphere. Mountain bike tour is available.
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Na Yung Na Yung Udon Thani 41000


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