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Wat Phothisomphon, Udon Thani Province
Mak Khaeng Mueang Udon Thani Udon Thani 41000
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Many of you may have practiced meditation in various religious places in the provinces to calm your mind and bring prosperity to your lives. Those who have never practiced meditation might think that the sites must be in rough areas to strengthen our patience and must be far away for tranquility. In fact, meditation can be practiced in general temples. The extent of calmness and intention depends on the mind of the practitioners.
Wat Phothisomphon in Udon Thani Province is another very significant temple in the mediation category. It emphasizes the dharma practice and following the teachings of Lord Buddha as well as the famous instructors. The atmosphere in the temple is nice and pleasant which resembles those in other temples. The temple has well-known instructor teachings attached around the area for Buddhists to come and learn. Moreover, the temple has many other interesting venues such as Phra Borommathat Thamma Chedi, a pagoda built on the occasion of His Majesty the Late King, King Rama IX, 80th Birthday Anniversary. It contains the Buddha’s relics, Tripitaka, teachings including propitious sacred objects. Its inside is adorned with very beautiful contemporary murals as well as a great number of artifacts, for example, the principal Buddha image in the ordination hall named Phra Phuttha Ratsami which is an 600-year-old Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara and the 1,300 year-old-Lopburi-style laterite Buddha Image in the attitude of giving blessing enshrined in the arch at the back of the ordination hall. Also, they include the Bodhi tree of which its shoot was brought from Sri Lanka to be planted in the north of the ordination hall and the 200-year-old replica of Buddha’s footprints made from laterite enshrined in the mondop in the north of the ordination hall. At once, we can pay respect to many auspicious sanctities as well as learn the dharma teachings on the signs provided by the temple for Buddhists who come to the temple to learn and practice them to increase auspiciousness in their lives.
If you want the dharma teachings to apply in your daily lives for easier living and to be closer to the Buddhism framework, try to come to worship Phra Borommathat Thamma Chedi and sanctities as well as learn dharma teachings at Wat Phothisomphon in Udon Thani Province. Your lives may be filled with happiness as you wish.
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