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Wat Than Nam Lai, Surat Thani Province
Samet Chaiya Surat Thani 84110
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“Eat from the cat bowl, take a bath in the moat, sleep in the pigsty monk’s house, listen to the mosquitoes singing” is a saying referred to the simple dharma practice of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu or Phra Ngueam Inthapanyo, the founder of Wat Than Nam Lai or commonly known as Suan Mok Phalaram.
Wat Than Nam Lai or Suan Mok Phalaram in Samet Sub-District, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province is the place where the first Suan Mok in Phum Riang was relocated to by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. It is built for 3 resolutions; 1. Give everyone access to the heart of their religion. 2. Understanding and collaboration between religions. 3. Make the world free from materialism. This dharma practicing place is located on the flatland around Phutthathong Mountain. This area was originally a fruit garden with a stream flowing through. It is very suitable for dharma practice as the weather is cool with a variety of plants, convenient accommodation, and learning sources of Buddhism and Buddhist doctrine that can accommodate hundreds of Buddhist practitioners. It is divided into 2 sides with a road in the middle i.e., “Suan Mok Phalaram or Wat Than Nam Lai side”. When you walk inside, you will see that there is the Dhammadhana Building or Dharma Hall. Walking along the way, you will see a replica of Phra Phothisat Awalokitesuan. The side is Buddhadasa Bhikkhu’s residence, monks’ residence, the residence of male and female devotees from both Thailand and abroad who come to learn and practice dharma. There is an arced stone field for sitting and listening to the sermon, Nalike pond or coconut oil pond, spiritual theater or Suan Mok Art Gallery that conveys the dharma concepts through artistic works and is full of dharma-teaching poems. Walking a bit deeper inside, you will see the natural ordination hall of which its lower part is the crematory of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. The other side, “International Garden of Liberation”, is the area built by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. There are 3 subdivisions as follows;
International Dharma Hermitage is the training center for both Thai and foreigners of all ages and genders.
Dharma Duta Hermitage is the forest preservation area for training foreign Dhammaduta.
Dharma Mata Hermitage is the special dharma training area for females.
It is another place that is suitable for dharma practice to clear your mind among the surrounding nature with many underlying Buddhist doctrines. If you drive from Bangkok to Surat Thani Province along Highway No.41, the landmark indicating that you are reaching Suan Mok is that when you arrive at Lang Suan in Chumphon, it will take about 45 minutes to your destination. Drive along the highway for a few kilometers and look for a small white signpost saying “Suan Mok” attached at the top of the small alley.
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Samet Chaiya Surat Thani 84110
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