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Phanas Nikhom Basketry Community
Phanat Nikhom Phanat Nikhom Chon Buri 20140
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Phanas Nikhom is the district in Chonburi Province is well-known for basketry, the wisdom inheriting from generation to generation. With the vision of the chairman and the members of bamboo basketry Group 1, the basketry is not only for sale but also being the new tourist site of the largest basketry center to attract people to buy products at the production source rather than from the middlemen.
Since Phanas Nikhom is the 1,000-year-old community and the production source of basketry, Chonburi Province and local government agencies organize the festival “Bun Klang Baan” every year. Making merit and local amusements, as well as handicraft product boots are available.
Basketry, the traditional handicraft of Phanas Nikhom District, existed when the community was established. Some people in the district were Laos people who migrated from Laos, which was the colony of Thailand, to surrender to King Rama II and III in B.E.2371. Thus, he allowed them to form the community at Sumut Prakan, and later moved to Phra Rot, presently Phanas Nikhom, later. Most people weaved the utensils and catching tools after farming season. This was the inheriting wisdom carrying on from the past. Originally, basketry was made for household use purpose, however, it was used to exchange with other products such as rice. Later, the products were sold at the market nearby the community. In the past ten years, the patterns have been developed for the beauty and utility. Further, skillful personnel search for the pattern and design to improve the people’s skill in order to develop the quality of basketry.
In 1977, basketry was very famous because it was promoted and exported to foreign countries, especially in Europe and America. Many patterns from China, Japan, German, and Indonesia are applied which generate more income to people. For this reason, basketry from Phanas Nikhom District is very famous and popular among the customer because of the quality, patters, designs, and utilities.
Equipment and raw material
Bamboos are from various areas such as Gigantochloa albociliata from Khao Kheow and Dendrocalamus membranaceus from Prachiburi and Chanthaburi. In the past, bamboo, such as Bambusa blumeana, from the neighboring areas is used such as Phanom, Bo Khao, and Ban Song Sub-district. Later, amount of bamboo decreased so it was bought from other provinces. Dendrocalamus membranaceus has fine texture and toughness which is suitable for basketry.
Most areas in Phanas Nikhom District make basketry: Rai Luk Thong, Na Ma Tum, Sra Si Liam and Na Ngu Sub-district. Each sub-district produces the basketry according to the proficiency of people in:
- Baan Bung Khla and Baan Ruen Yai: sieve, topee, and basket.
- Baan Nong Buek: basket and hamper
- Baan Na Ngu: small fruit-picker and fish sieve
- Baan Sri Wichai: hat and hairpin
- Baan Na Phrathat: cowl, shrimp, and frog
- Baan Khlong Luang, Rai Luk Thong Sub-district: pannier and basket
- Baan Wat Luang Wat Bot: small basket
- Baan Sra Liam: coconut leaf basket
- Baan Nong Hiang and Baan Nong Sung: cowl, tray, and bin
- Baan Hua Thanon: hamper and fish trap
The largest basketry group, Community 1
Mrs. Pranee Moonphala, the Chairman of Phanas Nikhom Basketry Community, Chonburi formed the largest basketry learning center in the world to promote it as the side-business for people to earn more income. It is the new tourist site for interesting people to learn and buy basketry products from the production source, not from the middlemen. Basketry Community 1 is located at 60 Moo 1, Phanas Nikhom Sub-district, Phanas Nikhom District, Chonburi Province.
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Phanat Nikhom Phanat Nikhom Chon Buri 20140


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