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Baan Nong Nguek Cotton Weaving Group
Mae Raeng Pa Sang Lamphun 51120
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Nong Ngeuk people have ancestors as Yong people. Living in Yunnan Sibsongpanna Currently under the rule of China. Immigrants settled in the lowlands of Ta River, Pa Sang District during the years 1805-1856 in the days of Prachao Kavila. The first migrant about 5 families is located in the area surrounding the current Baan Nong Ngeuk. In this area, there is a swamp on the east side of the village, which is the upstream as the source of the Muaeng Klang stream. There is a story that there is a Naga (a dialect called Ngeuk) as large as a palm tree appeared in this swamp. The villagers named the village "Baan Nong Ngeuk". The origins of Baan Nong Ngeuk's woven fabric originated with the founding of five families of ancestors. The first handicrafts were cotton weaving for home used. In the past, appliances and clothing were difficult to find. Yong men spend their free time from farming and growing crops to grow cotton. The girl will bring cotton to woven by hand. Woven garments range from clothing, blankets to towels, and the woven cloth is Tung or flag. Tung can reflect the wisdom, culture, beliefs, Lanna and Buddhism. Because Tung is the symbol of the Yong people. More than that Yong people believed that during the life, if they weave Tung to give to temple, when they died, the will be in the heaven.. The pattern of hand-woven cotton in the early period is an ancient pattern, such as Kad Kan Peun Tan Song ta Gor Pattern, Kled Tao Ancient Pattern and Dog Kaew. At present, Baan Nong Ngeuk has been selected as the mainstay of the textile network of Lamphun Province with Baan Don Luang. Baan Nong Ngeuk's traditional hand-woven cotton remains traditional. The Nong Ngeuk people have embraced cotton weaving and ancestors, moreover, the people are creative in bringing the traditional patterns to modern times by adding sophistication and color to the patterns such as Kled Tao Luk Oom, Kled Tao Luk Mu, Dok Chang, Dok Nok, DoK Bua Kreu, Dok kor Mai Lai Thai etc. The patterns of cotton weaving of Baan Nong Ngeuk are so diverse and modern.
- Handmade cotton product - Handmade cotton wisdom
Located at Ban Nong Ngeuk, Tambon Mae Rang, take Highway No. 106 at Km 138- 139 then turn about 3 kilometers. It is a source of handmade cotton, local handicrafts made of cotton, such as pillowcases, curtains, table cloth, clothing, affordable and also produced to souvenirs sellers such as Chiang Mai etc.
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Mae Raeng Pa Sang Lamphun 51120
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