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Ramasun Camp History Museum
Non Sung Mueang Udon Thani Udon Thani 41330
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Ramasun Camp History Museum is a historical attraction which was the radar base of the United States Army during the Southeast Asian War. It was built by the American military since 1964 and is located at the Phaya Sunthorn Dharmatha Camp, Nonsoug Subdistrict, Muang District, Udon Thani.
The Radar Building, where the underground entrances are still complete, is the former radar base of the United States Army. This is the history of the Southeast Asian War established by the American military since 1964.
Ramasun Camp History Museum was a location of the radar base of the United States Army to spy the Communist and control airplanes (current U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield) in the attacks on the Indochina since 1964 (before the day of the burst at Ban Na Bua Renu Nakhon District, Thailand). The name Ramasun was created by one Thai interpreter based on the story of Rammasun throwing the ax. He compared the radar signals to lightning. Finally, it became a Ramasub Camp and provided Udon Thani people to work with American soldiers. Some were hired wives while some got married and had half-caste children. This caused social problems when the withdrawal of troops in 1976 after being defeated by three Indochina led by Ho Chi Minh. The American troops were withdrawn, but many radar equipment and buildings were left in the Thai Supreme Command Headquarters. Later, the Supreme Command Headquarters forwarded such equipment to the Army.
However, the Army assigned the military units under the Prachak Silpakom Camp to continue to take care. On August 22, 1997, it has been announced as "Phaya Sunthorn Dharmatha” camp. Radar Ramasun Camp became a memory of the people in the past.
The radar station before the soldiers came in was invaded by the people stealing the iron. The buildings were left unoccupied and destroyed. Some become bat habitats. On the day the Army tried to work by launching military camps across the country, for people to visit, Phaya Sunthon Dhamma Camp, which used to be the site of a radar station to pilot a plane to attack Indochina, was another camp open to the public as well.
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