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Wat Somdet Phu Ruea Ming Mueang, Loei Province
Nong Bua Phu Ruea Loei
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The venues in the temple are very important especially the ubosot or ordination hall surrounded with Sema that designates the sacred area for the ordination hall, the region for the monks’ duties. The ubosot or ordination hall of each temple is decorated with different styles of art but is usually the place where the important Buddha images of the temple are enshrined. What would it be like to use teak to construct the ubosot or ordination hall? It would be quite amazing and beautiful.
Wat Somdet Phu Ruea Ming Mueang in Phu Ruea District, Loei Province is a temple on top of a mountain surrounded by an aesthetic scenic view. This temple is so important to the people of Phu Ruea. For the temple construction, it received the royal grace from Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani who gave the money to purchase the land for this temple. The venue that has gained a lot of attention from tourists is the ordination hall with its whole body made of teak. It is filled with very exquisite carvings on the tympanums, doors and windows. It gracefully enshrines the principal Buddha image named Phra Phuutha Chao Phaisatchaya Khuru Waithunyaprapha Chom Phaet or Phra Kring Powaret, the Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara with left hand holding holy water pot, in the middle of the ordination hall. In addition to the ordination hall, the surrounding area has 4 Wihan Rai that enshrines the temple’s important Buddha images. One of the Wihan Rai enshrines the reclining Buddha image in the attitude of Nirvana which is carved from Mekong River Jade. It makes the tourists who visit there very amazed. Another important thing is the wall of every Wihan Rai. The exterior is carved into aesthetic murals that massively impress tourists as well.
For those of you who travel to Phu Ruea, we recommend you visit Wat Somdet Phu Ruea Ming Mueang, the temple with very fine art, architecture and paintings. It is a place that significantly attracts and impresses tourists. Travelling to Wat Somdet Phu Ruea Ming Mueang can be done in 2 ways; from Loei-Dan Sai Road and turn right to the side of Phu Ruea Hospital or use another route by entering Phu Ruea National Park and turning left just before Waranya Resort.
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