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Khao Ka rot
Ao Luek Noi Ao Luek Krabi 81110
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Khao Ka rot is a hill (class T - Hypsographic) in Changwat Krabi, Thailand with the area code number Asia / Pacific. Khao Ka Red is 177 meters above the sea.
The geographical coordinates are 8 ° 16'0 "N and 98 ° 43'0" E in DMS format (degrees / minutes / seconds) or 8.26667 and 98.7167 (in decimal degrees). The UTM location is MK61 and the Joint Operation Graphics reference is NC47-14.
The current local time is 12:56; the sun rises at 08:57 and at 21:04 below (Asia / Bangkok UTC / GMT + 7) (local times are local times). The time zone for Khao Ka rot is UTC / GMT + 7
In the year 2018 the summer time from - to - - applies. A hill is a rounded elevation of limited extent, over the surrounding land with local relief of less than 300m.
In addition to the image that nature creates a vision that is strange to the viewer. There are also prehistoric paintings. Approximately 3,000 - 5,000 years old, located on the southeastern side of the island or the tip of the rhino. The painting is not very high. All pictures are in red. The style is a solid color scheme of the form.

1. The appearance of people and animals.

2. The appearance is not the shape of people and animals. Dog head In the sitting position, the person has 2 legs, 2 arms, with arms and legs 3 inches each, arms and legs are longer than normal. Solid coloring It is not clear whether a person or animal may be a picture of the imagination of the artist. It may be related to one of the rituals.

The color is solid, with the head, torso, genitals, left arm, right arm, right leg and left leg. The left arm holds something hanging down as long as it is streaky, but it is large.
Rectangular geometry Write an outline with red. Stay away from pictures like people down.
Rhinoceros or rat It may be other animals, all solid color, with 4 legs, horns or two ears, the nose is similar to the long tail, because the villagers think that this image is a rhinoceros, so named Rhinoceros.
-Beautiful landscapes. - Mangrove forest is abundant. There are a variety of wildlife. - There are many interesting geographic features such as lagoon or salt lake. Including caves. - The way of life of local fishermen in the area.
Located at Moo 5 Ban Khun Oot. Ao Luk Noi, Ao Luk, Krabi is a large limestone hills. There are several mountain ranges overlap. Surrounded by wildlife and plants. The mangrove ecosystem is complete. Cave Stalactite stalactites and lagoons are amazing to see. Beautiful shady pavilion shed. There are ancient paintings written on high cliffs. Both people and animals.
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