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Buddha MingMuang Image
Khok Phra Kantharawichai Maha Sarakham 44150
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It is believed to be built since the creation of Kantharawichai which has left two important evidence, namely Buddha Mingmuang and the standing image of Buddha Mongkol, located about 1 kilometer apart.
The image of Buddha MingMuang is located at Wat Suwannavas while the standing image of Buddha Mongkol is located at Wat Buddha Mongkol, Kok Phra Subdistrict, Kantharawichai District, Maha Sarakham.
According to to the history, this was an ancient city called Kantathirat before Minor Era 147 or 1328 B.E. There was a city ruler named Thao Lingong having a son named Thao Linthong who was a merciless person. When he knew that his father did not empower him to govern the city because his father clearly saw that Thao Linthong was lack of moral, Thao Linthong tortured and forced his father and mother to empower him. Unfortunately, his father was not able to tolerate suffering, so he prayed before dying, "If the ruler is a man with a brutal mind and lack of virtue, may suffer and catastrophe be with him” while the mother was killed by her son. When Thao Linthong became a ruler, the city fell into the dark age. The astrologer suggested that Thao Linthon create a Buddha image to give a merit for his parents. The Buddha image was supposed to face toward the south. Buddha MingMuang had to be built Wat Suwannavas for his mother and Phra Buddha Mongkol had to be built at Wat Buddha Mongkol for his father. Nevertheless, Thao Linthon got sick and dies.
Kantathirat City did not have any rulers and was deserted for 1,089 years.
Until the Rattanakosin period in 1874, King Rama V ordered to restore the city with the name Kanta Vichai and the two Buddha images have been restored to fill the missing parts in 1917. The important artifact found is a Dvaravati-style votive tablet in the attitude of meditation. It was removed to built a large Buddha image called Buddha Kantharawichai which is enshrined in the front of the former Town Hall, Muang District, Maha Sarakam.
If you want to see the Buddha images at Wat Suwannavas, you can take Highway 213 Mahasarakham - Kalasin, about 14 kilometers from the city. The temple is on the left.
The Dvaravati Buddha red sandstone image created with the same history of as the Buddha Monkol image, located 1 km apart.
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