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Prasat Ban Phlung
Ban Phluang Prasat Surin 32140
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Prasat Ban Phlung, located at Ban Phlung, Ban Phlung Subdistrict, Prasat District, Surin, is a small religious Baphuon-style building facing east, made of white sandstone on the laterite base surrounded by a U-shaped ditch. The building shape is a rectangular square of 4 x 4 meters laterite base with a rectangular plan of about 8 x 23 meters. With this huge laterite base, it might be planned to build three pagodas on the same base, major events such as war, epidemics, drought, probably occurred, resulting in the discontinuance of the construction.

The pagoda provides only one entrance while other sides were built with false doors. The lintels on the east and the south were carved the image of Indra riding Erawan Elephant and the lintel on the north side was carved with the image of Shiva defeating Kaliyah Naga Serpent. On the other hand, the lintel on the west has not been carved.

Prasat Ban Phlung is an unfinished building where it can be observed from the unfinished carved image. Most of the images present stories of the goddess in the Shivanism. Interestingly, animal-image carvings such as squirrels and drakes were found above the lower part of Chofah (gable apex), which does not appear in any castle or pagoda.

Prasat Ban Phlung was restored in 1971-1973 by Mr. Vans Ray, a doctoral student at Cornell University, USA, with the Anatylosis method, that is to say, the reassembling of existing but dismembered parts can be permitted. Extra structure and foundation were built and the missing stones were fulfilled without contracting with the original patterns of the building.
Prasat Ban Phlung was built with the style of ancient Khmer art, Klang-Baphuon, during the 16th Buddhist century to the beginning of the 17th Buddhis century or about 1,000 years ago. We can study and determine the age of the pattern and style of the lintel by referring to the small part of the garland and the patterns that adorn the parts of the building, which is an important feature of Khmer art during this period.
It is a single rectangular pagoda on the large laterite base facing east with only one entrance while other sides were built with false doors. The pagoda was made of laterite, sandstone, and bricks.
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