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Don Tuan Castle
Bueng Malu Kantharalak Si Sa Ket 33110
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Don Tuan Castle is located in Khao Phra Wihan National Park. It is a tourist attraction that not many people know about, but it is an archaeological site that should be studied and preserved for future generations to visit and learn.
It consists of the principal castle, Khopura Bannalai building hall, the laterite platform, and pond. It was assumed that it was built in the 16th Buddhist Era as in the inscription on the edge of the door, which was in the year 1002, the same era in constructing Khao Phra Wihan Castle. The platform of Don Tuan Castle is made from laterite sandstone with a brick wall. The pagoda is in Si Liam Yo Mum style and the arch is built from stone. The castle faces the east. The area of the castle is not too big, only about 200 square meters.
The legend of Don Tuan Castle talked about a knightly lady with a beautiful appearance but had the unfortunate feature, which was big breasts. She could not get about conveniently and needed to put on golden necklaces as a sling to support them. Her reputation had reached the Khmer King. He had asked the noblemen to get her. However, they had stopped at Don Tuan stone yard during the travel. At that time, Ta Leng, who was in the same neighbourhood as the big breasted woman, had followed the big breasted woman and got into a fight with the noblemen. They killed Ta Leng and left him in the forest around the building area of Don Tuan Castle. Don Tuan Castle is a small ancient Khmer castle, located near the high cliff on Phanom Dong Rak mountain range, near Thai-Cambodia border. It consists of Si Liam Yo Mum pagoda that was built with bricks and an arch that was built with stones. There are statues of lions in front of the castle. The castle faces the east. There is a rock-paved road about 6 meters wide in front of the castle with 2 stone columns about 3 meters high and is set about 250 centimeters apart. Each lion statue stands on a platform on each side of the entrance arch to the castle. The castle consists of the arch and 2 pagodas. There are 3 stone arches in which the middle arch is the largest in size at 1 meter wide and 2.5 meters high. The small arches on the left and right is 70 centimeters wide and 1.8 meters high. There are no engravements at the doorframe and the lintel stone. The front pagoda is next to the arch about 1 meter away. It was ruined and looks like a pile of bricks. The inside pagoda is about 1 meter away from the first pagoda. It is built with bricks and has 4 layers of laterite base, about 6 meters wide on each side and 26 meters high. There is 1 entrace way at the pagoda about 1 meter wide and 2 meters high. The cavern of pagoda has an area of 3.7 x 3 meters. The features of the pagoda is complex Si Liam Yo Mum until the top, about 10 lines far from the castle. There is a big pond about 80 meters wide on each side and the culvert from the hilltop to the pond is about 2 meters deep. The history is indeterminate but it can be assumed from the records of the Fine Arts Department that at Chong Ta Thao, Bueng Malu Sub-District, Kantaralak District, which is one of the archaeological sites of Si Saket province, the stone cult image about 2 cubits high and 1 palm span wide was discovered, sitting on the stone platform with letter inscriptions. The archaeological site at Chong Ta Thao that the Fine Arts Department recorded is Prang Sila Don Tuan. The age of Prang Sila was around the year of 957-1107.
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