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Ban Bor Suak Community
Suak Mueang Nan Nan 55000
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Ban Bor Suak Community, a living community of wisdom, with heritage transfer from generation to generation. It is an old city of eastern Lanna border and another attraction with communal identities. This fascinating place welcomes tourists from all over the world to touch and feel the simple life of the villagers. The community was considered as a sufficiency economy-based village, especially Pa Nuek Organic Farm, Ban Chiang Yuen, a learning source of Nan’s sufficiency economy-based way of life. There, an organic farming is demonstrated, along with wickerwork process and demonstrations that potentially reflect the villagers’ way of life. Wat Bor Suak in the communityis a great spiritual anchor of Bor Suak villagers. It is not merely the place for rituals but also crucial part for instructing morality. When you enter the community, you will find an abundance of wonders such as Huen Ui Dee, an ancient house. It is a very old wood house around 100 yearsold, with high space. The pillars are made of the whole trunks. The owners of the house have still lived there. Another interesting attraction is a site of an ancient kiln called Ban Ja Manas, the oldest and the most perfect kiln site in Lanna around 600-700 years old, with the unique style of Ban Bor Suak porcelains, that is, ceramics adorned with epaulet stripes.The next is Huen Ban Suak Saen Chuen Museum, at which excavated ancient kilns are exhibited, including a number of antiques. All of them are household appliances that once were used, e.g., coconut graters, wood mortars, and so on. Apart from investigating the livelihood of the local inhabitants, you can try making ceramics in any shapes on your own following Bor Suak Community. Or you may try cooking Sai Aua with the villagers according to Mae Kampuan’s recipe, starting from mixing pork with herbs; stuffing them into pig intestines; to baking them until you can smell their tasty scents. Not far from ceramics and Sai Aua cooking parts, you can drop by to learn weaving at Ban Sau Luang Weaving Group. The textiles are with exclusive designs imitated from particular ancient ceramics. You can try by yourself from spinning cotton threads to weaving. You may also select fine textiles either for use or as souvenirs. There are also Ban Bor Suak homestays which are emerged by the cooperation of the interested villagers. Guests will be welcomed by a simple atmosphere of Bor Suak Community style; surrounded by cool fresh nature and green paddies; and deeply experience the livelihood of Bor Sual villagers, who still earn a living just to live their simple life without causing troubles to themselves and others or seeking to benefits. They help and facilitate one another nicely regardless of who and what they are, i.e., the villagers, temples, schools, or even government agencies, in order to enhance the villagers’ quality of life with sustainability through their strength.
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