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Drum grandly (Mahoratuek Drum)
Don Tan Don Tan Mukdahan 49120
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The earliest evidence of the civilization of Southeast Asia before the civilization of China and India. It is an expression of wisdom and knowledge, artistic ability, the technology of people in the region of Southeast Asia 3,000 years ago. What is Mahorateuk? :: It is an ancient word borrowed from abroad and eroded from time to time. It is used in the early Thai documents, such as the Tri Bhum called the Mahorateuk, but the rule of law called Horrateuk. It is a music instrument that can be made a very loud noise. The law says that. Khun Dontri Horateuk and in the Tri Bhum says Mahorateuk Keukkong. It is not listed as a drum or Gong. Nowadays it is often used as a drum set. It is shaped like a drum. It is also called the Mahorrateuk drum. But Mahorrateuk made from mixed metals called bronze. The gong family often has a small frog sculpture trim the trick front edge , some people are called frog gongs. But Chinese documents call for copper drums because it used copper as a primary metal. The 4 Mahorrateuk Drums found in the province of Mukdahan; 1. Drums digger at the post office, Khamchae District, Mukdahan. 2. Drum at the Muchchimawas Temple, Don Tan, which is the largest drum in Thailand , 3. at Ban DongYang, Ban Khor, Khamchaeye and 4. at Mukdahan Town. History of gold drum (Mahorrateuk) in Don Tan district, Mukdahan province. The villagers called the gold drum in Don Tan district. On October 3, 1938, there are 3 villagers: 1. Mr. Laek Parripurana 2. Mr. PLang Srilasak 3. Mr. Lap Srilasak. They are a great hunters of fish in the Mekong River. On the day mentioned above, they were rowing the boat to find fish along the river as usual and passing Wat Wern Chai Mongkhon , Don Tan district, which opposite to Ban Na Tham, Lao People's Democratic Republic , at the banks of the Mekong River that was broken down, there was one object was found. It was just a few metal out of the ground, they decided to dig up to see what it is, washed and cleaned, then found that it is a gold drum. The appearance of the golden drum (Mahorrateuk) is 86 cm wide, the end of the drum diameter is 90 cm , the length of the drum from head to the end is 66 cm, which is the biggest drum in Thailand. The main characteristic is that there are at least three types of mixed-metal drums; copper, tin, and lead, which are called bronze. The front of a drum is decorated of four frogs and the sun-shaped like with 14 point. The Vietnamese archaeologist Thovemae has said that it is a spirit ship, a traditional culture of Dong Song in northern Vietnam and suggested from the pattern it is approximately 3,000 years old. The benefits of gold drums are that they cast bronze, gold drums for use in warfare. Celebrate the sacrifice ceremony, evict fierce animal or even for entertainment purposes etc. After the villagers brought gold drum to preserve at Wat Muchimawas (Wat Klang), it is the duty of the abbot to keep for people. Thai people in Isaan in the past, when the eclipses are triggered, they called the frogs eat the moon. When this phenomenon occurs, the villagers will help each other make a loud noise by hitting the drum and other loud rumble material to let the frogs be panic and let the moon out. When the rain does not fall by the normal season. Villager and Monks will hold the rain ceremony by digging a small pool of water into the gravel and bring the fish, frog, toad into the pond for 3 days and 3 nights. If there is a lot of drought, pray for 7 days and 7 nights while performing the ceremony. If one of the frogs or toads makes a noise, the rain will fall away shortly thereafter.
Made of copper alloy with tin and lead. Diameter 80 cm, height 70 cm. The drum face is similar to the shape of the sun or the moon has 32 radiuses.
Made of copper alloy with tin and lead. Diameter 80 cm, height 70 cm. The drum face is similar to the shape of the sun or the moon has 32 radiuses.
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