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“Mon Hin Kong” (Mom Mysterious Columns)
Na Phun Wang Chin Phrae 54160
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People pay the respect to this place with various beliefs. Further, it is the well-known tourist site of the sub-district, district, and province for its sacredness. “Mon Chao Aajya” is named to honor “Chao Arjya”, the most respectful great ghost. It is a cluster of half-human height size columns inclining 45o to the ground. “Mon Chao Kham Kue” is a group of standing and inclining of columns and stones spreading all over the area. The name is given to honor Chao Kham Kue, another respectful ghost. A bowl for putting the coins at “Mon Sadoh Khro”, the stones line up as a pathway with a swamp, is put in the swamp for people to throw the coin at to exorcise. The highlight is “Mon Mysterious Columns”, the 3-meter column standing in arched space. People believe that this is the sacred place and pay the respect with incense stick and candles.
“Mon Hin kong” (Mom Mysterious Columns) was emerged in this area for 5-6 million years from volcano eruption bringing magma underneath the earth crust as lava of Basalt to cover the area. The lava was cooling quickly so there was the tension of Basalt on the top causing from the contraction. As a result, there was a vertical crack to the floor resulting the standing and lying cracked angled column (columnar) in the area. Thus, this group of columns is the geological circumstance, not the superstition or mystery. This is the natural creation for the new generation for studying purpose, therefore, it should not be destroyed or possessed personally.
This place was discovered since 50 years ago in Na Phun District. There were people asked Ki Poduang to take them to Mon Hin Kong and claiming that he had a clue to treasure which Mon and Ngiw people hid some treasures under the columns. Thus, Ki Poduang guided Mr. Sansrn and Mr. Noi to find that clue. On day two, there was a one-meter long snake there. From this search, there found only a set of pestle and mortar. Moreover, there was a belief that if anyone took something out of the area, they would die. A few days later, Mr. Sansern was ill so Mr. Noi brought him home. He died when he arrived home. Some people told that they hear the echo from Mon Hin Kong on Buddhist holy day while some see the floating marble above Mon Hin Kong. Mon Hin Kong consists of 3 groups of 7-8 columns in pentagon and hexagone pagoda-shape. The first group is 10-meter long with 10-meter high. The second group is 8-meter long and 10-meter high. The last group is 8-meter long with 5-meter high. Mon Hin Kong is located in Bann Na Phun Pattana, Moo.10, 3 kilometers far from the village to the east. Currently, it is the plentiful forest with the evidence of holes and swamps digging by Mr. Sansern and Mr. Noi.
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