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Phra Mahathat Sri Vieng Chai Pagoda
Na Sai Li Lamphun 51110
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Laterite Pagoda The builder is a villager. Patterns similar to Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar.
Chedi Sri Vieng Chai, Lanna Applied, 71 meters high - the old Bhudda footprint.
The first foundation excavation on November 24, 2538, the first day of the evening. The pagoda Simulated from the Great Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma. The main pagoda is the president in the middle of the height from the base to the lotus lotus 64.71 meters and the 48 small pagoda is a satellite surrounding. Luang Pu Kruba Chai Ya Wongsa Patana gave meaning that the first 28 pagodas means the 28 Buddha, who has come to enlighten the animal past, then the other 10 small pagodas means that when the Prophet has 10 different nationalities, and another 10 small pagoda mean the more10 Buddha, who will come to enlightenment in the future. The relics will contain 9-inch lace Buddha images of the 84,000 Buddha. The outside area of the building to create a facade for enshrine as a teacher in Thailand and Myanmar, 64 objects. The pagodas and relatives are located on an area of 1 rai (40 x 40 meters). The foundation of the pagoda is very large laterite pile so it does not have to pile. The first base is dug down to the ground about 1 meter, laterite is octagonal shape, like cakes stacked up to 3 layers, 2nd floor is built of 32 small pagodas. 16, the fourth floor is a bell-shaped inverted shape with the Great Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma, the area around the pagoda is about 6 rai.

The reason he chose to build the Shwedagon Pagoda (model) because this place has been found the and horn of Holy cow U Supparaj which is the one of 10 national of Lord Buddha . Luang Poo i chose to build the pagoda so that the villagers could not build the sacred houses. The labor costs are lower than the wages in the labor market, which is money and rice, because they will devote a part of their labor and skills to the work of the hill tribe people. To preserve and sustain Buddhism as long as long. The Chedi Chedi President is called "lotus head", which is made of pure gold. Weight about 25 kg, diameter 16 cm, length about 52 cm

Somdej Prayarnnasungworn, The apostle Sakon Maha Sangha Parinayok names the great pagoda Phra Maha Chedi Si Wiang Chai Bhudda Chedi, The worship of the Five Prophets those the first building with the laterite is the largest in Thailand.
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