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Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers-Nahai Chai Learning Center
Ban Pho Mueang Saphan Buri Suphan Buri 72000
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“Rice must be planted because, in the next 20 years, the population may reach 80 million people and the rice will not be enough. If rice cultivation continues to decrease, there will not be enough rice. We will have to import rice from abroad. What? Thai people cannot accept that. Thai people must have rice. Although the rice planted in Thailand cannot be compared with those planted overseas, we still need to do it.” said His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX, in 1993. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX, significantly emphasized rice cultivation in Thailand. With concerns, His Majesty consequently studied and engaged in royal activities for Thai rice development to improve the quality of Thai rice. And, today, many communities or those who stand for the royal guidance of King Rama IX have increasingly turned to give precedence to Thai rice. Several provinces have founded rice learning centers to educate farmers and those who are interested in rice and wish to further develop Thai rice.
Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers-Nahai Chai Learning Center in Suphan Buri Province is another place that keeps the king’s principle by opening a learning center for the farmers and people interested in rice to improve their rice plots and develop Thai rice. There are many interesting places, for instance, the “Central Learning Center”. The inside is beautifully decorated and displays the photos of the King’s succession to the throne, photos from various royal projects, photos and portraits of the Chakri Dynasty from King Rama I to King Rama IV including photos of the persons who took part in the rice development. Nahia Chai has rice demonstration plots which demonstrate how to plant every kind of the second-crop rice which is widely planted in the modern days. This is to allow the people to visit and learn about plantation. In addition, the demonstration plots are decorated into various interesting shapes such as the figure of Thailand or alphabets in the middle of the field. For example, during the nationwide mourning for His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of the Thai people, Nahia made the alphabets in the middle of the field into the word “May His Majesty the late King ascend to Heaven” in remembrance of His Majesty the Late King. Nahia Chai simulates the way of life of the peasants in the past by building traditional Thai lifted houses. The inside shows the residence and all equipment of the farmers. They are divided into 3 houses that reflect the way of life of the farmers in the old days to make us realize the value of rice cultivation in a deeper perspective. Next is Mae Posop Goddess Building. The inside exhibits the beautifully-carved Mae Posop sculpture in the posture of holding rice panicles which is comparable to a mother taking care of her children. Additionally, there are the performances of past rituals related to rice cultivation to allow the farmers and new generations to understand the cultures that have been inherited and preserve them.
These are only some parts of the Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers Learning Center that also contain many other interesting places. If you are interested in experiencing the cool demonstration plot and original background of the farmers’ way of life, you can come to Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers-Nahai Chai Learning Center in Suphan Buri Province.
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