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Khao Chang Phuek (Thong Pha Phum)
Pi Lok Thong Pha Phum Kanchanaburi 71180
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Khao Chang Phuek is the adventure site to challenge the adventurous tourists. This place does not available every year; tourists are not allowed to visit in some years. Moreover, the number of tourists is restricted. For this reason, it makes this place become more attractive.
“Khao Chang Phuek” is located in Thong Pha Phum National Park, Kanchanaburi Province. Only 60 tourists are allowed per day which 7 days booking in advance is required by sending name, ID no., and address to the office. It takes about 6 hours for 8 kilometers walk to set the camp on the top of mountain. The trip is leading by the officer and the carrier. Tourist must prepare themselves and not to forget the long sleeve shirt, sunglasses, and flashlight. Importantly, their determination is the priority.
Khao Chang Phuek, thr 1,249-meter high above sea level mountain, is the highest peak of Thong Pha Phum National Park. It is opened as the beautiful nature trail which the sparse woods and grassland are along the sides. “San Khom Meed” is the highlight of the journey because it is a very beautiful and thrilling mountain ridge. At the peak, the 360o view is amazing. Tourism Authority of Thailand appointed this place as one of the ten Dream Destinations.
The landscape is the complex mountain range laying from the north to the south. It is partial Tenasserim Range. There are only small parts of the area that are the plain land. Khao Chang Phuek which is on the west is the highest peal, 100-1,249-meter above mean sea level. The importants peaks are Khao Chang Phuek, Khao Nisa, Khao Phu Thong, Khao Dang, Khao Pak Pratu, Khao Loh Lo, Khao Nong Tho Khi, and Khao Chalong, which are the origin of many brooks such as Huai Mala, Huai Kob, Huai San, Huai Ong-phra, Huai Pi Khi, Huai Pak Khok, and Huai Jed Mit. The brooks flow to the lowland in the east to Khao Laem Reservoir whereas some flow to the Kwai Noi River.
The climate is tropical monsoon so it is affected by the southeast monsoon in rainy season and northeast monsoon in winter. Summer season is between February and April. Winter is May to July. Winter season is during November to January.
Regarding plants and wildlife, Thong Pha Phum National Park is a part of the plentiful forest in the west. The forest in this area can be divided into four types
1) Rain forest which the important plant species are Iron wood, White Cheesewood, Blanco, Flame Flower, Cotylelobium lanceolatum, Anan, Champak, and Artocarpus lacucha. The ground floras are rattan palm, ferns, screw pine, and palm.
2) Dry evergreen forest which the important plant species are White Cheesewood, Dipterocarpus turbinatus Gaertn. f., Iron wood, Red cedar, Champaka, Anisoptera costata, Mangifera pentandra, Protium serratum (Colebr.) Engler, Wild Rambai, and Tetrameles nudiflora R.Br. The ground floras are palm, galangal, and ferns.
3) Hill evergreen forest which the important plant species are Betula alnoides, Manglietia garrettii, Dracontomelon dao (Blanco) Merr. & Rolfe, Frankincense, cinnamon, and Schima wallichii (DC.) Korth. The ground floras are Moss and ferns.
4) Mixed forest, which occupies most of the area, is filled with the important plant species such as Burma padauk, Lagerstroemia floribunda Jack, Dillenia aurea, Afzelia Lagerstroemia speciose, Ceylon Oak, Burma Blackwood, Millettia kangensis , Ebony Tree, Phyllodium longipes (Craib.) Schindl., Belleric Myrobalan, Irvingia malayana, and olive. The ground floras are Gigantochloa albociliata Munro, Dendrocalamus strictus, Bambusa nutans, Cephalostachyum pergracile, Thyrsostachys siamensis, and other brambles.
Thong Pha Phum National Park is the habitat of numbers of wildlife animals. As it is the same connecting with the forest in Myanmar, there is the regular migration. Moreover, the animals are not disturbed by human because there is no habitation in this area. The common animals that are mostly seen are wild elephant, chamois, deer, barking deer, mouse deer, bear, monkey, langur, gibbon, palm civet, civet, clouded leopard, royal tiger, Honey bear, Asian black bear, flying squirrel, chipmunk, mus, mongoose, bat, hare, wild cat, jackal, hedgehog, hornbill, swift, eagle, heron, adler, owl, Bulbul, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Barn owl, Coucals, Mynas, magpie, oriole, quails, White-breasted Waterhen, Hill Myna, Black Drongo, woodpecker, cuckoo, jungle fowl, monitor lizard, wild gecko, Flying dragon, Skink, Butterfly lizards, centipede, scorpion, millipede, slug, leech, snapping turtle, frog, green frog, toad, bullfrog, Thai mahseer, minnow, Dwarf snakehead, snake-head fish, eel, spring eel, carp, anabas, and Great snakehead.
How to get there:
1. By private car: Drive from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi for 123 kilometers. Then, take the Highway 323, Kanchanaburi-Thong Pha Phum to Thong Pha Phum market, taking 141 kilometers. From downtown, take Highway 3272 Thong Pha Phum-Bann Rai-Pilok. Turn left at the intersection along the curve road. The Office of Thong Pha Phum National Park is situated between Kilomiter 21-22 on the concrete road.
2. By bus: Take the bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal to Kanchanaburi Bus Station. Take Kanchanaburi-Thong Pha Phum Bus to Thong Pha Phum market. Then, take Thong Pha Phum-Baan I-Tong bus to reach the National Park.
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Pi Lok Thong Pha Phum Kanchanaburi 71180
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