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Tao Hong Tai
ProvinceRatchaburi, AmphurMueang Ratchaburi


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Sub-districtChedi Hak AmphurMueang Ratchaburi ProvinceRatchaburi


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Tao Hong Tai is located in Ratchaburi, Thailand, which has at present 59 ceramic factories and is approximately 100 Kilometers (60 Miles) from Bangkok (for map see "Directions"). Our factory which is family owned and operated for over 60 years is one of the oldest ceramic factories in Ratchaburi with its history paralleling that of Ratchaburi’s rich history of ceramic production in Thailand.

We take pride in the fact that Tao Hong Tai has the capability to produce just about any ceramic of almost any size that the customer could want both domestic and for export. In addition, we continue to produce many of the basic ceramics that every factory in Ratchaburi produces including terracotta (orange ceramics without glaze) and the large Thai style water jars. We also produce a variety of pots for smaller plants, large lotus jars, larger pots for growing large plants, and replicas of Chinese-style antiques some of which we use a special technique which gives the glaze a “crackle” effect giving the ceramics the appearance that they were created hundreds of years.

Other specialty items we produce include sculptures, furniture, tiles, and European style terracotta. Recently we have added a full line of original modern designs created by our in-house designer, Mr. Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch. Additional samples of our fine products can be viewed in our "Virtual Showroom" and if you are in Thailand be sure to visit our our Actual Show Room in Ratchaburi.

There are five basic steps that Tao Hong Tai uses in producing its high-quality ceramics are as follow:

1. First step is to prepare the clay
2. Form the shape of the ceramic (four methods):

a. Form by hand
b. Throwing on a pottery wheel
c: Press mold
d. Casting

3. Decorate or draw the design (if any) by hand
4. Glaze
5. Firing in kiln 1100 to 1300 degrees Celsius depending on type of ceramic
- We use three types of kilns - wood, gas, and electric - each having a special effect on the ceramic and glaze

The raw materials we use in producing our fine products include:
- red clay from Ratchaburi;
- white clay from the North and South Provinces of Thailand;
- glaze which comes from ash, black clay, feldspar, and calcium carbonate from Ratchaburi;
- colors for designs and glazes come from metal oxides such as iron, copper and manganese (all produced in Thailand) and cobalt which must be imported;

We take great pride in our ceramic products and closely monitor the entire process to insure customer satisfaction. We invite you to visit Tao Hong Tai whenever you are in Thailand and are confident that you will be most pleased with our product line. For additional information, please feel free to contact us at the above address or telephone and fax numbers. We can also be reached via E-mail at info@thtceramic.com .


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